KUDERA see fashion as a form of engineering. We are the architects of design and constructors of garments.

It’s not pretentious for us to say that clothing is part of our communication with the wider world and an everyday art form.

KUDERA creates uniquely expressive pieces, instinctively and deliberately going against the grain of quick fix, disposable fashion, and the ever-increasing homogenization of street fashion.

We push our boundaries and disturb your universe in a wonderful way.

We thrive on challenges, strive for innovation, and are fanatical with detail and quality.

KUDERA’s collections have been inspired by visual migraines patterns, sound and light frequencies, folk costumes juxtaposed with urban street fittings, and mythological Stymphalian birds. 

We are not fixed to one concept, we design to our imagination.

KUDERA founder, Alena Kudera, graduated with a 1st class Honours Degree in fashion design from John Moores University, Liverpool, UK, in 2011.

Collections have been exhibited at London Fashion Week; Paris’s Who’s Next Trade Show; China Fashion Week (Top 10 Designer Award); Tunisia Fashion Week; Britain and Ireland - Next Top Model Show, and Liverpool Design Week.

Her formative years in a small Czech village provided many contradictions: communism and fairytales, function and nature, control and rebellion through irony.

She began by reworking old clothes and the limited fabrics available to create unique outfits, teaching herself how to sew, to understand fabric and how to cut.

This background has given her lifelong inspiration, utilizing her curiosity and resourcefulness to create her collections.

That was the birth of KUDERA.

Her other creative endeavors include styling, renovation of old furniture, sculpture and painting.



23 Roscoe Lane


L1 9JD

Telephone: 07739342896