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The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing


The Unbearable Lightness of Seeing

Inspired by the DISORIENTATION & SENSATION caused by my migraines. Using the experience and sensation of the related AURAS I channelled the occurrence into my creative process to produce something INTRICATE & EXTRAVAGANT.

A cathartic expression into beauty.

The title being a slight up-phrasing of my fellow Czech Milan Kundera’s classic novel. IRONY is a necessary counterpoint to INHIBITION & REPRESSION.  

The result of my visions is both ALIEN & THEATRICAL. I think there is a DISTINCTIVE PERSONALITY & OBSESSIVE VISION in progress.

My migraines move in SECTIONS & WAVES of different INTENSITY so in this collection I use different STRENGTHS, FORMS & TEXTURES to counterpoint between HARD & SOFT edges.

I use a profile of a face repeatedly with the silhouette GROWING & REDUCING to capture the intensity. SMOOTH, CLEAN lines representing the moments of calm.

Most of the garments are ASYMMETRICAL to portray the loss of vision that comes with these attacks.

The colours BLACK, BLUE, WHITE – seeing “The Light at The End of The Tunnel”. The shoulder structure represents this imagined tunnel. The materials used – NEOPRENE, WOOL, SILK – are those associated with protection. To COCOON & PROTECT the wearer.

Photography: Shiobhan Olivia & Maeve Grace

Model: Lila Whitting

Location: LJMU Arts Building

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