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Each bespoke piece that is created is a careful consideration to the individuality of our client. Made with greatest care, using high quality sustainable materials.

We have a fanatical attention to detail: bringing urban glamour, beauty and innovation. Our utmost wish is for our customer to feel the best, truest version of themselves when they wear their unique outfit, whether it is at a wedding, ball, gallery or embassy.


Jessica Ingry

'I really loved the experience of visiting Alena's extremely creative studio because I always felt like I was entering into a different world with star treatment. Alena took in all my ideas for my prom dress and made it into something more unique and stylish than I could have ever imagined'

Sammy Livingstone (Jess’s mum):

'Jess looks absolutely amazing in her dress. She has really enjoyed the whole process.

A big thank you!'


 Ric Sanders, violinist, Fairport Convention

 'A short while ago I received a parcel containing the most recent bespoke items of clothing made for me by Alena Kudera as presents for the love of my life. As has happened before, I had inadequately tried to describe the type of things I was after, and Alena exceeded all my expectations and produced exquisitely crafted and utterly beautiful and unique pieces, elegant works of art. Oh, and the love of my life loved them too!'

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